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desktop publishing services Arizona

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print publishing services Arizona print publisher Arizona print designer Arizona desktop publisher

P R I N T   P U B L I S H I N G  »
Service offers print design of various document creations for print production such as ads, logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc., including printing supervision & service bureau file preparation.

desktop publisher Arizona desktop publishing services Arizona dtp
digital imaging services Arizona graphic designer Arizona image editor Arizona

D I G I T A L   I M A G I N G  »
Service offers image / photo editing and design of various image creations for print or web production such as element designs, illustrations, color corrections, photo colorizations & restorations, etc., including image / photo scanning.

desktop publisher Arizona desktop publishing services Arizona dtp
web publishing services Arizona website publisher Arizona website designer Arizona website development services Arizona

W E B   P U B L I S H I N G  »
Service offers web design of various document creations and functions for website production such as html pages, pdf documents, submit forms, slide shows, shopping carts, etc., including search engine optimization (seo) and website maintenance & updating.

desktop publisher Arizona desktop publishing services Arizona dtp
internet research services Arizona internet researcher Arizona online research services Arizona

I N T E R N E T   R E S E A R C H  »
Service offers online research assistance to locate, gather and document compile data resource information topics for print and web used in articles, databases, html pages, pdf documents, reports, spreadsheets, etc., including internet, phone, or in-person local searching.

desktop publisher Arizona desktop publishing services Arizona dtp
campaign marketing services Arizona online marketer Arizona marketing publisher Arizona

C A M P A I G N   M A R K E T I N G  »
Service offers various types of applied marketing strategies for print and web to enhance service or product awareness for campaign advertising such as ads, articles, blogs, e-news, social media, and direct mail pieces including content writing and campaign management.

DTP & Design Services Arizona
Desktop Publisher Arizona

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DTP & Design Services Arizona
DTP Services Arizona






Welcome to our testimonial section.

This section has been provided to give newcomers insight into some of our past and present Clientele. It also has been provided as an opportunity for TechLand Creations to thank our clients for selecting our services.

We understand how important it is for any potential client to read about service satisfaction from actual customers. We are glad to share our valuable client testimonials about our services. And, we appreciate our client's approved posting of testaments to help aid in other's selection of our services.

TechLand appreciates serving each client and is pleased to work on many diverse projects. Contributing to many different projects is very satisfying as each project lends to its own unique needs and presentation. We are happy to provide our dtp services to an ever expanding advertising market!

Thank you all for your consideration of our desktop publishing services. Please feel free to read some of our customer's thoughts about our services along with our formal thank you replies.

"TechLand Creations created a useful website that helped build my efforts in local food system development. Brooke is a great problem-solver and was able to make sure I could build my mailing list over the years. I have always appreciated her generosity, warmth and reliability!"
-Gwen Garcelon, Owner Roaring Fork Food Alliance

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Gwen,
TechLand appreciates your nice review of dtp services provided to you. Working with you in helping out in achieving recognition to further your alliance reach has been a worthwhile effort. Creating the online survey and getting the news subscription going was a good accomplishment toward your reach. And, although the website is basically only one page, the created page has been optimal in serving the RFFA well over the years! Thanks for opting to choose TechLand to work with you and glad to hear you appreciated the extended generosity.

"Brooke did a really good job on my website. I'm glad that I chose her web services to do my start up business! She helped me to understand the importance of a website and with many aspects of getting my business under way. Brooke even talked to my Dad to learn more about our family history in the disaster industry. Her business Techland Creations is a good service that I would recommend to others. Thank you Brooke for all your efforts for everything you did for me and my business."
-Samuel Deal, Owner Arizona Disaster Experts

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Sam,
TechLand has certainly appreciated your business! Your industry is so vitally important in helping folks in stress situations and your many certified disaster areas are commendable. Its nice to hear your kind regard toward TechLand's contribution in part of forming your business. In doing the Resources section so much was learned, but most importantly being disaster prepared! The website was enjoyable to do and employing custom popups as an info web feature added to the design nicely. Your client reviews of your good work are impressive! Thank you for choosing TechLand Creations to assist in your business endeavor.

"Brooke, Thank you VERY MUCH for this website! I like it! The slideshow presentation is very cool and the overall website design turned out very nice. Thanks for all your hard work on this and for helping out with Max's website too. I will let others know about Techland website service."
-John Goldman, Owner Goldco Trading

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Goldco Team,
John, it was a pleasure working with everyone on this collaborative web project. TLC has appreciated your confidence in servicing this project. The website was very interesting and unique to do, especially learning about what you do and the jewelry industry on the whole. Designing your company logo, website, and biz cards, themed together well with your chosen colors. Also, helping out with additional marketing needs for Email Blasts was a welcomed task learning opportunity in using a new diverse email marketing platform. TechLand also appreciated doing Max's website, it was a interesting project too! Thank you for including TechLand Creations to work with you and to be part of your team!

"Brooke has created a life changing lifestyle for me by creating a very successful Website which is top of the list #1 on google and 5 stars. My customers have built a very strong and happy relationship with me due to a easy booking process and great customer service. Since this site my dreams are truly coming true and bills are being paid. TechLand Creations did a great job on both of my websites, I am extremely thankful."
-Eric Grant, Owner Aplanet Movers & Pro MMA Fighter, Thee Antidote - Colorado

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Eric,
It is refreshing to see that your Website has been a very influential tool in helping with mover bookings. TLC is pleased to have helped in being instrumental toward your business startup in the moving industry! Your continued responsiveness and availability kept the project flow advancing in a timely manner. It is obvious you carry these positive traits to your clients resulting in the many pleased customers and positive feedback! TechLand enjoyed creating your unique websites and implementing the booking service resulted in learning a new task. Working with you has been very enjoyable, thank you for having TechLand Creations help out!

"We compliment Techland Creations for a very professional, excellent and clear web design for our Tai-Chi-Yoga web site. Brooke is a very creative web designer who works well with clients, is easily accessible, courteous and has excellent suggestions for a user friendly web site. She has good ideas to help small business owners like us get the message out to the public. We have had many compliments on our site, which is a clear testimonial of her creative web designing abilities. Thank you Brooke for a job well done!"
-Karl-Erik & Judith Andreasson, Owners / Instructors Living Internal Arts - Idaho

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Karl & Judy,
Thank you for such a wonderful complimenting testimonial. TechLand really enjoyed doing your dual-purpose website and working with such kind-natured spirits. Incorporating the White Lotus of Purity and the colorful sunrise photo highlighting your connected disciplines has lent to inviting introduction pages. Designing your biz cards for trim-out of rounded corners was a new design experience welcomed and TLC was very pleased with the color reproduced by the printers! It has been joyful to work with such dedicated scholars and instructors. An extended thank you to Noura for introducing us and enlisting in dtp services as a gift. Thank you for including TechLand Creations to help out, this project was actually very therapeutic and a couple of your recommended books are being utilized!

"Brooke designed my company website and she was outstanding from start to finish. She was always ready to answer whatever questions we had and she was always very helpful and professional. I will highly recommend her service to anyone who is in need of a website. Thank you Techland Creations. I am very pleased with your service."
-Adrian Benites, Owner Masons HVAC & Remodel Services - Texas

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Adrian,
Thanks so much for following up on Dee's referral, it has been a pleasure doing your new business website! Collaborating with you and Daniel to include the beautiful Austin skyline has really added to the website appeal. Doing a dual-purpose service website template made this project inspiring with a twist of challenge. Incorporating the iphone video testimonials has made that section uniquely interesting and gave TechLand a chance to incorporate cross-browser code for correct video display. Making your new business cards with the re-created logo and using TechLand's new found printer to produce the print cards turned out pleasing, TLC is glad that you and Daniel like your dedicated cards! Thank you for your kind clientship, TechLand Creations has been glad to help out!

"We are very happy with the services provided by Brooke Haney of TechLand Creations. She is knowledgeable, capable and very responsive. We have been so appreciative of her creativity and amazing customer service."
-Liza Marron, Executive Director San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition - Colorado

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Liza,
Thank you for selecting TechLand's dtp services to help out with the Coalition website. It has been a pleasure being included toward contributing to its ongoing efforts! The Coalition's initiative and its positive impact has brought so much awareness to the Valley— it is refreshing to see such ambitious efforts in helping and educating the community, growers, and consumers. Incorporating the print version of the Local Roots Guide has made this project extra interesting and will undoubtedly lend itself as an invaluable resource to the website. The Coalition is truly making a continuous and noticeable difference by uniting so many opportunities in establishing a sustainable local food system for SLV! Thanks for including TechLand in being part of this important effort, it has been very enjoyable working with you and your team members.

"I was referred to TechLand Creations from SCORE in Austin, TX. I told them I needed someone who wouldn't charge me a lot of money to build a website for me. Working with Brooke has been a breeze. Even though she lives in Colorado and I live in Texas…it didn't matter one bit. We talked daily on the phone and through emails. What I liked about working with Brooke the most is how enthusiastic she was about my new business…like it was her new business. She always listened to my ideas and offered lots of great ideas."
-Dee Nordentoft, Owner Flags Across The USA - Texas

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Dee,
Thanks so much for including TechLand in your newest endeavor! Your focused enthusiasm has helped a great deal in completing your website within a month. Helping out with your additional promotional materials for a business card and various flyers has made this a well-rounded scope project. I look forward to helping you with your anticipated Facebook page in the future. It has been a pleasure working with you on this fun and cheery project! Thank you for following up on the referral from SCORE!

"Most of our business comes from our website so it is very important to us. Many times, customers have called us and after discussing their needs, they often tell us how much they enjoyed viewing the website. It is warm, cheerful, inviting and easy to navigate. We chose a theme based on the name of our business. Brooke worked with us to carry the theme all through the website. And speaking of working with Brooke, she is a joy! She understands our needs, finds ways to be helpful, gives great advice and suggestions and is very creative. I think of TechLand Creations as being an integral part of our business."
-Luis & Linda Martin, Owners Mirasol Solar Energy Systems - New Mexico

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Luis & Linda,
It has been a pleasure helping out with your website! TechLand appreciates your continued utilization of dtp services for assisting in the re-make of your new website along with doing your Blog and E-Store. It is very pleasing to hear the nice compliments visitors have given your website. You both have provided the public with a wonderful array of solar product knowledge and energy resources for solar energy conservation. TechLand has enjoyed the design collaboration efforts with you both and is very glad that you really like the new logo. Thank you for including TechLand Creations in your business realm and providing the opportunity to work with you!

"I am a general contactor and not really computer literate at all. It was way past due that I needed to have presence on the web. I located Techland Creations through a business partner of mine as they said they do a great job at fair price. I have to say that not having a lot of technical skills relative to computers was not difficult dealing with one of the developers Brooke. I actually learned a lot in process of talking to her about how she was going to create my website. She took her time planning it, researching all the trades that I represent and has put together a stellar website for my business. I have had many compliments on my website and people think I am a techy based on the outcome of my website...that is amusing in its self. This has taken my company profile to the next level and glad I found Techland Creations."
-Michael O'Donnell, Owner O'Donnell Construction - California

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Michael,
Thank you for contacting TechLand to help you establish an Internet presence! It is understandable that not all folks are completely computer savvy and it's nice to hear that our services were encouraging for you to make the leap. TechLand tries to work with everyone in such a way as to inform, guide, and relate to their needs along with making them feel comfortable in grasping the tech side of dtp for print and web. It is obvious from project photos that your construction company performs high standard quality work to clients. TechLand is pleased to have helped out with informing the public about your service offerings and showcasing your awesome works. Thank you for giving TechLand Creations your dtp project request and for following up on your partner's referral!

"I enlisted Techland Creations to develop a skincare blog for my home business. I had a very robust website however I was looking for a way to differentiate myself and provide some additional value added information to my clients and business partners. Brooke got very familiar with my business objectives very quickly and took the project and ran with it. I was working full time and really didn't have the bandwidth to assist with a lot of direction. I do have to say she took the ideas I did have but ultimately got my input and checked in with me every step of the way to keep abreast of what she was implementing. The end result was she designed me a comprehensive and collaborative blog that has helped me increase my business and overall reach. TLC was a breath of fresh air as I really needed help with determining my brand, target audience, back office support and the ongoing maintenance of the site. I will be using TLC for my health care website once I am ready and thank you for all your hard work." -Sheila Johns, Independent -The Health Pagoda - California

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Sheila,
Thank you for your expressed appreciation of dtp services! Your Skincare Blog has been an interesting learning experience as it was TechLand's first ever assigned blog project. It was enjoyable getting informed about the different skin care products and assisting you in strengthening your brand and market. This project has been fun and creative. It was nice working with you in finding and creating an all-purpose dedicated name and logo for outreach of broader health care purposes you have in mind for future audiences. Doing research on what modern day pagoda means, incorporating the five chinese nature elements along with content writing made this project diverse and pleasant to do. Thank you for contacting TechLand and offering your challenging and unique request to fulfill. And, thank you for the wonderful addition to the company portfolio as this project has paved the way toward acquiring additional project blog works!

"This letter is for Brooke at TechLand Creations. Brooke designed my website for my Marital and Family practice and put me on the internet highway for people looking for my services.

Brooke helped me walk through the process of designing my website. She was always available with a fantastic attitude and extremely helpful in her research and application of the material to my webpage. I would recommend TechLand Creations to everyone because she not only knows her business on how to get you up on the front page but she designed my webpage with flare and warmth. My practice has really taken off after TechLand Creations created my webpage."
-Camille L. Reich, Counselor Marital and Family Therapy - Colorado

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Camille,
Thank you for writing a testimonial letter to Techland. It has been enjoyable helping you out with establishing a presence on the Internet! It is so good to hear that your website has taken off in just a few months after posting and that the website has helped contribute to your practice in generating income. Hearing that type of news is what makes dtp work so rewarding! TechLand is so glad you like the website that was designed for you and is very pleased that the SEO services provided to you came out with such successful search engine placements. You are wished all the best and continued success in your future endeavors of your practice! Thank you for selecting TechLand Creations to provide dtp services for your practice.

"TechLand Creations created my web site for my Implant/Periodontal practice. I never believed in advertising. This site has reached people that otherwise would not have known what treatments were available to them. This has been a very successful form of education for people in my area.

The website was done with professionalism and warmth not your usual generic impersonal website. My website included personal slides of my surgical proceedures, testimonials, my educational background and fabulous pictures of my facility.

TechLand Creations created an extremely professional website for me and future patients. I would and do recommend this service to others looking for a website design. I have experienced nothing but the VERY BEST SERVICE. Thank you TechLand Creations for a fabulous job on my web site." -Dr. Gregory M. Reich, Periodontics Implants - Colorado

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Dr. Reich,
Thank you for the sincere compliment of service and kind words! TechLand has been glad to provide you service with such informative results. And, glad to have provided insight into the importance of having a website and how it can make a difference for advertising on the Internet. Performing research for content writing has been very informative and enlightening in learning about the periodontics field. TechLand has enjoyed helping out with your movies as it's not often a chance arises to make slide shows for presentation. The SEO efforts have had very pleasing results for your chosen keywords and all the industry directory signups are currently giving you a very strong Internet presence. Thank you for all the raves about dtp service and for choosing TechLand Creations to help out with your desktop publishing needs!

"My Company, Aerobox Composite Structures, required a new website to present to its Directors at an upcoming Board meeting. The website needed to highlight a new product line that was being introduced at the time. Brooke Haney of TechLand was selected to undertake the project. Ms. Haney created and implemented the new site in conformity with our specs, in a timely and professional manner."
-Robert C. Bushman, ACS Fmr. President and CEO - New Mexico

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Bob,
Thank you for the project assign to TechLand Creations for helping out with your website to showcase your innovative product line! It was a pleasure meeting all of the staff and organizing project needs with individuals. Everyone did a great job in providing all the site info needed which really enabled timely execution toward completion for the Board presentation. TechLand Creations thanks you for having provided the opportunity to work with you and your team.

"Techland Creations has provided quality web design for the French Canadian/Acadian Genealogists of WI for many years. Ms. Haney has been extremely helpful and patient. My personal web page was also created by Techland. I have received many, many compliments on both websites." -Kateri T. Dupuis, FCGW President - Wisconsin

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Kateri,
Your considerate testimonial is appreciated. TechLand has been glad to provide dtp services for your websites and enjoyed doing integrated design work for your unique project request. Your genealogy site has become very informative over the years and provides the public with such valuable family tree history. Thank you for including TechLand Creations to assist you with your sites and congratulations on your new co-authored French-Acadian genealogy book!

"As a new comer to the publishing world, I did not know who or where to go for print preparation for a horse magazine I wanted to do. I talked to some people who recommended the local Community College where I was referred to a graduate student named Brooke Haney who could to do my publication. She helped me out in all aspects of my publication from proper publication etiquette to various printing considerations for this type of publication. I appreciated all of Brooke's help working with me on my first print publication. TechLand Creations made a very professional and creative magazine for me!"
-Craig E. Simms, past Editor TX Horse -N- Tack - Texas

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Craig,
Thanks for requesting dtp help for designing and producing your publication with you! The project was very enjoyable and TechLand learned a lot about the horse industry. This project lent the opportunity to learn more about various print mediums and design layouts. You provided such a unique variety of horse and tack offerings for the public and the photography you provided for the ads and front cover always made the magazine so appealing. Thank you for utilizing the college to find desktop publishing help and following up on the school referral to call TechLand Creations for dtp services!

"Thank you Brooke for having made our school such a wonderful brochure. We appreciated the time you took to consult with the printers to make sure our brochure was produced in quality form. We also appreciated the low cost educational pricing you extended to us. Our school enrollment increased significantly from distribution of the brochure over the years and many parents have expressed their compliments toward the brochure. TechLand Creations designed a very attractive brochure for us!"
-Pat Culthbertson, former Media Director Legacy Oaks - Texas

TechLand Reply[-]

Dear Pat,
Thank you for the opportunity for doing your school brochure as it was the first formal print publishing piece TechLand produced since business startup. It was enjoyable going with you to the print shop and offering guidance to you in design and output. TechLand is pleased to hear that the brochure helped increase school attendance and was glad to have been able to contribute services for such a good cause! Thanks for posting the brochure help ad on the school bulletin board and thank you for having TechLand Creations help out with the school brochure.

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