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Desktop Publishing & Design Services for Print & Web

desktop publishing services Arizona

Online DTP & Design Services

print publishing services Arizona print publisher Arizona print designer Arizona desktop publisher

P R I N T   P U B L I S H I N G  »
Service offers print design of various document creations for print production such as ads, logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc., including printing supervision & service bureau file preparation.

desktop publisher Arizona desktop publishing services Arizona dtp
digital imaging services Arizona graphic designer Arizona image editor Arizona

D I G I T A L   I M A G I N G  »
Service offers image / photo editing and design of various image creations for print or web production such as element designs, illustrations, color corrections, photo colorizations & restorations, etc., including image / photo scanning.

desktop publisher Arizona desktop publishing services Arizona dtp
web publishing services Arizona website publisher Arizona website designer Arizona website development services Arizona

W E B   P U B L I S H I N G  »
Service offers web design of various document creations and functions for website production such as html pages, pdf documents, submit forms, slide shows, shopping carts, etc., including search engine optimization (seo) and website maintenance & updating.

desktop publisher Arizona desktop publishing services Arizona dtp
internet research services Arizona internet researcher Arizona online research services Arizona

I N T E R N E T   R E S E A R C H  »
Service offers online research assistance to locate, gather and document compile data resource information topics for print and web used in articles, databases, html pages, pdf documents, reports, spreadsheets, etc., including internet, phone, or in-person local searching.

desktop publisher Arizona desktop publishing services Arizona dtp
campaign marketing services Arizona online marketer Arizona marketing publisher Arizona

C A M P A I G N   M A R K E T I N G  »
Service offers various types of applied marketing strategies for print and web to enhance service or product awareness for campaign advertising such as ads, articles, blogs, e-news, social media, and direct mail pieces including content writing and campaign management.

DTP & Design Services Arizona
Desktop Publisher Arizona

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DTP & Design Services Arizona
DTP Services Arizona






How We Arrived
Desktop Publisher BrookeTechLand Creations was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas by Brooke A. Haney operating as a non-commercial website offering desktop publishing and design services. Through the success of networking, free-lance, contract, and work-for-hire projects along with marketing awareness, TechLand Creations became a commercial website in 1999.

The advent of the "Global Internet Communications" of the 1990's inspired TechLand Creations to become an Online desktop publishing and design service offering electronic digital publishing services through the World Wide Web.

About Our Company
TechLand Creations is an accredited, dedicated, desktop publishing and design company that has been proudly servicing the Communications Industry for over two decades. TechLand currently has 2 part time based working personnel. We are a small company who, when needed, network with preferred accredited personnel to always offer high-standard project completions. Currently, we are involved with two national industry networking groups.

Past and present industry affiliations include annual attendance of the National Printing & Packaging Trade Show in Dallas Texas, the SXSW Multimedia Conference in Austin Texas, the Alternative Photographic International Symposium in Santa Fe New Mexico along with involvement in various local area Chamber of Commerces and SCORE Chapters of Austin Texas and Pueblo Colorado.

Credentials & Qualifications
Owner credentials and proficiencies currently include an Applied Science Degree in Desktop Publishing & Print Production, Marketing Communication courses, and a strong aptitude in English Literature. Career & Personality assessments have emphasized favorable traits in organizational, writing, artistic, detailed, investigative, solver, modern, realistic, and adventurous. These qualifications, skill sets, and attributes have contributed to a natural, relevant, and practical application in the endeavor of becoming a Business Independent within the desktop publishing field.

We are very familiar with conventional and digital methods of the industry and update our knowledge continually to utilize the most convenient, cost-effective, and technologically advanced methods for project outputs. We use industry standard software and hardware along with desktop publishing writing and style standards.

Updating our desktop publishing knowledge on a on-going basis is a high priority for us in staying abreast of various publishing needs. Recent endeavors have included the realm of Social Media and Databasing utilizing PHP/MySQL technologies along with creating Search Engines for website specific purposes.

Our Philosophy
The opportunity to offer our services to anyone, anywhere in the world via the Internet has changed conventional methods of business operations from use of a single physical location. This opportunity has opened new associations with personnel, affiliates, and product producers giving us a competitive edge.

The past decades have been challenging on many fronts including the late 90's technology implosion, the dot com falls, the 911 event, the boom of dtp technologies, and several economic fluxes. Although it has been challenging, competitive, and economically diverse, these events have strengthened our dedication and belief in offering our services Online. Convenience, low-cost, accreditation, and good service are what we proudly offer.

We are proud to be a servicer of the Communications Industry and look forward to servicing others who are also interested in the use of electronic digital publishing services through Global Internet Communications for their dtp and marketing needs.

We are currently located in the Santa Catalinas of Arizona, USA. Please feel free to contact our desktop publishing specialist for any questions you may have about our services. Technical assistance for creative publishing — "dtp with TLC" !

El Capitan, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas USA

"Being able to service the communications industry is such rewarding work, TechLand Creations is proud to be a contributor towards facilitating different types of communication and especially toward making it visually pleasing".

Brooke A. Haney — DTP Specialist

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